The Hounds of Actaeon
Season 2, Episode
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Castor and Pollux


Phaeton: The Chariot of Fire


Actaeon is a proud and handsome young man, trained to be a master hunter by the kindly centaur Chiron.

Actaeon becomes arrogant with age, forgetting Chiron's teachings of respect for the forest and the creatures which whom he hunts. This in turn leads to the needless slaughter of the woodlands' inhabitants.... much to the chagrin of the forest goddess, Artemis.The last straw is finally broken when Actaeon selfishly decides to hunt Artemis' prized possession... her brilliant white stag. As a result, Artemis transforms Actaeon into the white stag-- a condition which will remain permanent unless Actaeon finds love within his heart for those more helpless than himself!.