The Fates
Damon & Pythias 16
Goddesses of Destiny
Parents Zeus & Themis
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Siblings Horai
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Powers Power to Determine a individuals Life and The Standard Powers and Abilities of a God .
Weapons Spindle (Lachesis), Distaff (Clotho), Scissors (Atropos)
Species Gods
Home The Underworld

The fates are the goddesses of destiny.


They are given several origins, most commonly called the daughters of Zeus and a Titan called Themis. They control the fate of every being in the universe, and weave the lives of mortals into the Threads of Life. Their power is very great and mysterious. The Fates are extremely unpredictable, Clotho spins the Thread, Lachesis decides how long a life is to be, and Atropos cuts the lifeline with her shears. All three decide on the destiny of all things.

New theoryEdit

Nowadays people believed that fates do not exist. The only one to guide one's destiny is that one him/herself.


  • Clotho-giving life to a new creation.
  • Lakhesis-Controls a creature's life(like playing a puppet).
  • Atropos-Ends a creature's life.
  • Some people do not believe that The Fates really had these abilities. They believed they can make their lives in their own way.


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