Sea Nymphs
Sea nymphs
Biographical Information
Species: Nymphs
Age: Immortal
Originally From: Atlantis

Poseidon (Father)
Amphitrite (Mother)


Cunning and brutality


Sea Gods

Character Information
First appearance: Andromeda: The Warrior Princess

The Sea Nymphs are the beautiful daughters of Poseidon and are minor goddesses of the seas. In the series there are three of them.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

The Sea Nymphs are beautiful goddesses with long, flowing hair, pale skin, full pink lips, willowy figures and fish-like tails. The eldest of the nymphs has long black hair and cyan scales. The second sister has blue hair with strips of lighter blue and her scales are deep blue. The third nymph has cyan hair with one strip of pale sea foam green hair. Her tail is bright green.

Personality Edit

The Sea Nymphs are vain creatures. They became vengeful and cruel when Queen Cassiopa claimed her daughter, Andromeda's beauty was greater than theirs. Their vanity and pride is great and when insulted, they can be very vengeful. They wanted the entire kingdom to suffer because of what one woman said.

The dark haired nymph is the most cunning of the three as she manipulated her father Poseidon, claiming that the Kingdom questioned his rule over the sea. She is also quite callous as when Cetus was vanquished, she insulted the beast but claimed that there is always tomorrow.

The second sister is just as cruel, clever and vain as the oldest nymph. The cyan haired nymph is not as intelligent as the others. Her vocabulary is much simpler compared to her sisters. However, she is just as vigilant in seeking vengeance and every bit as merciless.


In mythology, the sea nymphs were vain mermaids who were angry with queen Cassiopa for saying she and Andromada were more beautiful. Poseidon avenged his daughters by sending Cetus.

Powers Edit

The sea nymphs are able to breathe underwater and because of their fish tails they are very fast swimmers.They have all the standard powers of a god such as immortality and eternal youth.

  • Underwater breathing: The nymphs can breathe underwater like fish, allowing them to stay submerged indefinitely. They can breathe air just as easily.
  • Swimming: Their fish tails can propel them through the water, faster than any human or vessel.
  • Immortality: As gods, the Sea Nymphs possess an infinite lifespan. They are immune to diseases and cannot be killed.
  • Eternal youth: Like other gods, the Sea Nymphs can live forever in a state of eternal youth.

Trivia Edit

  • Their raven-haired leader is named Rhodos and her sisters are Benthesikyme (blue hair) and Kymopoleia (cyan hair). All are the daughters of Poseidon by his queen Amphitrite.