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Phaeton: The Chariot of Fire is the tenth episode of the seconnd season.


Phaeton is the half-mortal son of the god, Helios, who rode his golden chariot through the heavens, pulling the sun across the sky in its daily orbit. Phaeton watches enviously as the other young boys ride their father's chariots in the local chariot race. He wishes he could win the heart of the lovely Delona, the girl who supposedly belongs to Lexicus, the champion of the chariot racers. After he is embarrassed by Lexicus in front of Delona for not having a chariot of his own, Phaeton asks his godly father if he can borrow the sun-chariot for a race. But Helios refuses, advising his son not to try to seek approval from others, and warning him of the dangers of riding the sun chariot before he is ready. Meanwhile, Dionysus, god of wine and revelry, having bet on the mortal's chariot race, loses his prized orchards to Zeus. Determined to get them back, Dionysus tries to convince Phaeton to "borrow" his father's sun-chariot so he can bet on him in a race. When Phaeton refuses, Dionysus uses his magic to make Phaeton's horses go crazy causing the boy to crash his homemade chariot in front of Lexicus and Delona. This time Phaeton responds to the teasing with a challenge – to race Lexicus along a dangerous ridge before sunrise. To Dionysus' delight, Phaeton enters his father's stables to borrow the chariot. But before he can take the reins, he spooks the horses and they take off on a hair-raising ride across the sky, setting forests ablaze and turning lakes to steam, nearly destroying the entire earth before Phaeton finally gains control of them. Turning the chariot around, Phaeton causes time to go backwards, enabling him to undo his terrible deed. Back the stables, he faces his father and takes his punishment like a man, having learned his lesson. In the final race, using his own chariot, Phaeton defeats Lexicus and wins the heart of Delona.



  • Phaeton
  • Lexicus
  • Delona