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Ulysses and the Trojan Horse is the 2nd episode and the 2nd Season.


In a story of misplaced faith, Helen, the Queen of Sparta, runs off with Prince Paris of Troy. Helen's husband, King Menelaus, on discovering his wife's unfaithfulness, declares war on Paris and calls on his friend, the young King Ulysses of Ithaca, to lead the Greek army against Paris' Trojans. This is just what Paris hoped for, for his superior army, backed by the goddess Aphrodite, is sure to defeat the Greeks. Obligated to help his fellow king, Ulysses leaves his Queen and baby son behind and sets sail for Sparta with his fleet. Questioning why Helen would be untrue to her husband, Ulysses soon discovers a strange golden apple in the Queen's chambers that does not rot and which has a bite taken out of it. Now convinced that godly magic is behind the Queen's disloyalty, Ulysses sets out to prove Helen's innocence and prevent an unnecessary war. Finally, with the help of Athena, Ulysses magically disguises himself as an old man and sneaks into Troy. There he discovers Aphrodite has given Helen the golden apple whose magical properties have caused her to lose her memory and believe that she belongs to Paris. But King Menelaus refuses to believe Helen's innocence and is determined to fight the war to the bitter end. To prevent disaster, Ulysses devises a plan to end the war and restore the King's faith in his wife. To do it, he makes it appear the Greek fleet has sailed off in surrender, then builds the Trojan Horse, a gigantic wooden creation, which is given to Prince Paris as a peace offering. Falling for the trick, Paris lets the horse inside the city. That night, Ulysses and his men sneak out from inside the wooden horse, and open the gates for the Greek army and they easily defeat Paris' forces. King Menelaus is re-united with his Queen, regretting that he ever doubted her faithfulness.