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Ulysses and Penelope is the 3rd Episode of the 2nd Season.


After a long and perilous journey home from the Trojan wars, Ulysses returns to Ithaca only to discover his Queen, Penelope, and his son, Telemachus, have all but given him up for dead. And worse, ruthless suitors, vying for Ulysses' throne, are pressuring Penelope to choose a new husband and King. Fearing for his family's safety if he is discovered, Ulysses disguises himself as a vagabond and witnesses first hand just how much his people have lost faith in him since he has been gone for so long. But Ulysses soon suffers a blow to his own faith when he witnesses Penelope weaving a wedding veil and thinks she is going to marry Antonius, the most ruthless of the suitors. Despondent over her apparent betrayal, beggar Ulysses tries to raise a small army of men to drive out Antonius, only to find his son among the recruits. Ulysses' faith suffers yet another blow when his band of rebels are surprised by Antonius' soldiers and Ulysses concludes that his son is the traitor. But before the young King gives up his throne for good, he discovers the truth – that Telemachus is not the traitor and that Penelope is unraveling her wedding veil as fast as she is making it -- to stall for time in hopes that Ulysses will return to her. Realizing that his family had believed in him all along, a newly determined Ulysses', disguised as the "vagabond", challenges the suitors to an archery contest, telling them that only the one who can hit a bulls-eye is worthy of replacing the great Ulysses. It looks as if Antonius has won the contest when the vagabond takes the bow and pierces the center of the target. Ulysses reveals himself, defeats Antonius, and takes his rightful place as King.