Jason and the Argonauts
Season 1, Episode 5
Jason and the argonauts
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Perseus: The Search for Medusa


Persephone and the Winter Seeds


When the evil King Pelias usurps the throne of Jason's father, young Jason is sent to the centaur, Chiron, to learn the ways of a warrior and a leader. After his long training, Jason is finally ready to win his father's throne back. Jason soon discovers that Pelias has ruled with a wicked hand, and that the people rejoice at Jason's return. Seeing Jason as a real threat to his throne, the cunning King reminds Jason that if he fights him there will be much bloodshed -- then offers a way to avoid it. If Jason will travel to the ends of the earth and bring Pelias the "Golden Fleece", Pelias will gladly take the valuable prize and step down from his throne. Determined to do what's best for his people, Jason accepts the challenge. Jason recruits the heroes, Hercules, Atalanta, Orpheus and Zetes and Calais (gods of the wind) for his crew, and with the help of the goddess Athena, builds the Argo, the greatest sailing ship ever. But soon the inexperienced Jason's leadership skills are tested to the limit when his Argonauts (great heroes who have never failed before) find the challenges of this journey beyond their abilities. It's up to Jason to get the nearly defeated heroes to work together as a team in order to get past the deadly "Clashing Rocks" and to defeat the giant Harpie Birds. The Argonauts work together and succeed, and once again set sail for the island of Colchis where the Golden Fleece resides.