Jason and Medea
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date 11/6/1999
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In their search for the Golden Fleece, Jason and the Argonauts draw closer to the island of Colchis where King Aeetes jealously guards the golden treasure. At her father's command, Aeetes beautiful daughter, Medea, a powerful sorceress, unleashes a magical storm upon our heroes' ship and nearly destroys them. Angered that the confidant Jason survived, Medea devises a plan to destroy the source of his confidence. Using her magic, she kills Chiron, the Centaur, and Jason's wise and kindly teacher. When Atalanta's hawks bring back Chiron's broken sword, Jason realizes his mentor is dead and his confidence is shattered. Soon the spirit of Chiron visits Jason in a vision, giving him advice, which leads Jason to think that the key to his success lies within Chiron's sword. As they set out on their dangerous quest across the island, Medea, pretending to be an ally, offers Jason a magic potion to protect him. But Jason turns down the magic and instead welds the broken sword together. Soon they are forced to battle Medea's magic in the form of fire-breathing bulls. During the battle, Jason's sword breaks and now the Argonauts are convinced that only the magic potion will protect them from the fiery beasts. But it's a trap and when the Argonauts take the potion they become Medea's prisoners. With only a broken sword, Jason must face Medea's powerful magic in hopes of freeing his friends. In the final confrontation, Jason finally realizes what Chiron meant by the power of the sword – that the power is within himself. Suddenly, the sword grows back to full length and with it a newly confident Jason is able to defeat Medea, free the Argonauts and take the golden fleece back to his kingdom where he becomes the rightful king of Iolcus.