Hercules and the Titans: The Last Battle
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date Jan 22 2000
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The Titans were thirty-foot tall giants that ruled the world when it was young. The Gods of Olympus defeated these terrible monsters and sent them deep into the bowels of the underworld. Over the next thousand years, the gods bickered among themselves and lost sight of what made them truly powerful. Then one day, in their pride, they refuse to let Hephaestus, god of the forge, have his rightful place among the gods of Olympus because he is a course and simple god and not beautiful like the rest. In his volcano forge, Hephaestus longs for vengeance against the gods that have shunned him. He soon gets his chance when Alcyoneus, King of the Titans overhears Hephaestus' cry for revenge and offers him to be King of Olympus if he uses his magic hammer to free the Titans. Hephaestus obliges and soon the towering giants are free again to attack Mount Olympus. The only way to stop them says the prophecy of Prometheus is with the help of a mortal man. At the same time, Hercules, having finished his labors has settled down with his wife and family and wants nothing to do with gods or fighting. To protect his loved ones, Hercules makes a deal with Alcyoneus that if the Titans leave man in peace, the hero will not interfere with the Titans attempt to conquer Olympus. But finally, when the Titans kidnap Hera and capture Zeus, and villages are damaged in the wake of the battle, Athena makes Hercules see that he must risk the well being of himself and his family for the greater good of preventing the Titans from ruling over earth. In the final battle, Hercules rescues Zeus, frees Hera, then, combining his arrows with the powers of the gods is able to destroy the Titans once and for all.