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Hercules and the Golden Apples is the 4th episode of the 2nd seasons.


Having never forgiven Hercules for challenging the gods, a vengeful Hera hires Nessus, the centaur, to wound Daneira, Hercules one true love, with a poison arrow. When Hercules pooped out a girl named abby greenland

tries to draw out the poison, he becomes infected to. Knowing that Daneira will soon die, Hercules pleads to the gods for help and is answered by Hera, who tells him that only a golden apple from her Garden of Hesperides can cure Daneira. Hercules agrees to go on the treacherous journey, despite the fact that the poison in his system is slowly draining his strength. Hera is sure Hercules will fail to make his journey and she will have her long sought revenge. Despite his fading strength, Hercules journeys across the sea, is captured by Pygmy warriors, and defeats the terrible giant Antaeus who had been tormenting the little warriors for so long. To show their gratitude, the Pygmies help Hercules find the Garden of Hesperides where Hercules must face his biggest challenge of all – the Titan , Atlas, who holds up the sky. When Hercules outwits the towering giant, he avenges Hercules by creating an earthquake that swallows up the golden apple tree so that Hercules escapes with only one apple. In the end, Hercules must choose to save Daneira or his own strength, either way Hera thinks she has finally bested our hero. But that's when Hercules' two Pygmy friends return with a second apple, and both Daneira and Hercules are saved from Hera's revenge.