A chariot is a small and very fast vehicle. It is often used in Chariot Races and battles.The Chariot was created by Poseidon and Athena. Poseidon created the horses for the Chariot, and Athena created the seats, wheels, etc. This event showed that they can get along.

In the SeriesEdit

In the series Several Gods usually use Flying Chariots , as a means to travel .

List of ChariotEdit

Artemis Flying ChariotEdit

Artemis chariot is a brown chariot with golden ornamental accents that pulled by black Horses. She often rides it when she looks after her sacred white stag.

Apollo Sun chariotEdit

Apollo Chariot is a Golden chariot that he uses to drag the great star(sun) across the Sky after Helios renouced his potion as sun god it was pulled by two white horses with gold manes.

Hades' ChariotEdit

Hades' chariot was driven by two horses, they are as black as the night sky.

Helios Sun ChariotEdit