Castro and Pollux is the 8th episode of the 2nd season.


Castor and Pollux were twins and great wrestlers who traveled from town to town accepting challenges from local fighters. When they fought together as a team they were invincible. And when they won they gave their purse to the poor peasants, leaving little for themselves. But all that changes when the evil King Pelias, looking for a way to destroy Jason and the Argonauts, discovers the gods have bestowed immortality on Pollux. Pelias offers Pollux a fortune in gold to capture this "pirate" Jason, but Pollux refuses to the chagrin of Castor who envies his brother's immortality and is tired of always being poor. Playing into his frustration, King Pelias' oracle creates a magic dream cloud which enters Castor's sleep, convincing him that it is his destiny to capture Jason and get the reward of gold. Castor ‘dream travels' to the island of Bebrycos where the Argonauts are stranded, but before he can get Jason, Amycus, a towering Cyclops with a huge brass helmet, captures the Argonauts. Amycus considers anyone on his island a trespasser who must fight him to win their freedom. Meanwhile, Pollux, worried about his brother, "dream travels" to Bebrycos to protect his brother, but Castor thinks Pollux is only after the reward. This mistrust leads to a fight between the brothers who go their separate ways. Castor arrives at Amycus' fortress to get Jason but when Jason offers to give himself up if Castor frees his fellow Argonauts, this selfless act convinces Castor that Jason cannot be a pirate. But instead of fighting with the Argonauts against the giant, Castor, determined to prove he can win without his brother, challenges the brass headed monster alone. Luckily, before he is defeated, Pollux comes to the rescue and together they conquer the terrible Cyclops. In the end, Castor realizes that only together can the twins be victorious and make their dreams come true.