Andromeda 2
Biographical Information
Real Name: Princess of Ethiopia
Originally From: The Island of Joppa

King Cepheus (Father)
Queen Casseopeia (Mother)


Perseus (Husband)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Character Information
First appearance: Andromeda: The Warrior Princess

Andromeda was the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of the kingdom Ethiopia


Andromeda the Warrior Princess wanted to be in battle however she was a girl. So she dressed herself like a man and added a low voice so she could do training. Andromeda beaten all men in her training and longed for something else. One of those men was called Perseus who beheaded Medusa the ugly beast. He suggested that there was a sea monster owned by Poseidon God of the Sea to be her opponent. Andromeda gladly agreed this as her deed. With the help of Perseus, Andromeda fought with the sea monster and killed it by its tooth. Perseus cut of its tooth with his sword and ave it to her. She threw the tooth by its chest and killed her opponent. Her father didn't want her to be in the army but gladly agreed her to be. Andromeda flew around with Perseus for the whole of her lifetime.

Physical Description : tall brave and fearless